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      I currently have 2 children attending Angel Christian Daycare Center (with a 3rd little one enrolling in the fall) - and cannot say enough good things about this daycare.  

    I am one of those moms that freaked out A LOT about finding childcare for my kids - changing my mind every few weeks about which daycare/nanny to use and not feeling comfortable or settled with any choice.  That was before I met Alia and the teachers at Angel Christian Daycare.  I was immediately struck upon meeting Alia and the other teachers how loving and caring they were, and how much the kids really enjoyed being at this daycare (on my first visit, one child actually cried when their dad picked her up, because she didn't want to go home)!  I also liked that the daycare had a set curriculum with balanced play and learning time, that the kids were exposed to Mandarin Chinese, and that the daycare served nutritious, delicious food to the kids.

    Three years after enrolling my eldest at the daycare, I am still so thankful and happy to have found Angel Christian Daycare Center - my kids love going to school there, and I have no worries at all that they are so well cared for and thriving every day!

    thumb Tina C.

      Angel Christian Day Care has great owner and staff. They really care about the kids and make kids happy. The program they provide is also very helpful for children's growth. Organic milk and eggs are provided which is very healthy for kids. Highly recommend this family child care in Santa Clara

    thumb Han Z.

      I placed both of my girls in this daycare when we moved to Santa Clara and they love it! They've never cried when we drop them off and are happy to return to see their friends and daycare providers the next day.  Although my oldest has started pre-K preschool this Fall, she often requests to come in and say hi to all of her old friends and the providers when we pick up her little sister.  

    Alia and her staff are all very loving towards each child.  They email the parents weekly photos of our children which is such a nice surprise since we're too busy and lazy to take photos ourselves.  Any special requests I've made (i.e. special diets, when to wean from the binky/bottles, and timing for potty training) have all been welcome and successfully executed.

    I would highly recommend this place if you're not too rigid but would like a loving caring environment where they do have a basic schedule and are consistent with early learning development.  They do adjust according to your child's needs but don't expect them to cater to your child at the expense of the others.

    Thanks Alia for taking such great care of my girls!

    thumb Catherine C.

      This is the happiest place on earth
    The children are happy and the caretakers are extremely loving
    It is literally like a big family at Angel Daycare
    Alia goes to all the birthday parties and she truly cares for the each child's well being.  They give all the kids the right attention needed regardless of age.  And she's extremely flexible and understanding.
    Our child was not a bottle drinker but they were extremely patient and she immediately notice any bumps and scrapes before we even would.
    We never had any issues with diaper rashes, they change diapers quite frequently.  And he seemed to love eating there.
    They have a nice playing area in the back where my son loved playing with water.  I would get daily reports of how he did especially since my husband did most of the pick up towards the end.
    And the best is when we got a our weekly pictures where we got a snapshot of how happy the kids were and were able to send them to grandma (we've been so busy that these daycare pictures are the only ones we have of our son at such a wonderful age!)

    He seemed to learn a lot where the environment had good routine and wasn't strict and pushy on discipline or curriculum - just a happy place to play and be a kid.  

    We've moved and had to put our son in a new daycare
    It is definitely not the same loving, nurturing and family-like environment.  I didn't cry when we first started him there, but I sure did when we had to move

    thumb Katy L.

      My daughter was so well taken care of by the teachers for the past 15 months,  that it is sad to say goodbye when we are moving to another city.
    This place is the cleanest daycare I've ever with. Fresh organic food is cooked daily, and you can tell that the teachers truly love the little ones.

    thumb Ella L.

      Angel Christian daycare is the best bilingual child care our daughter has attend.

    Ali and the teachers are caring, and they have lots of experience with kids. Ali has a set curriculum/program for the kids to learn each month. There is a set schedule on what activities they do each day, and there are tons of toys to keep the kids occupied. Not to mention the all organic lunch.

    The teachers do the best they can to accommodate the parents' request, and they really love these kids. It made me smile each day when I pick up my daughter, and her hair is all combed, with 3 pony tails on her head, she barely has hair, but the teachers take the time to care for her. My daughter also develops very well on language skills, she can chit-chat non stop ever since she started at Angel Christian.

    Also, the kids don't get sick as often, Ali put a lot of emphasis on washing hands, even though this takes up a lot of time.

    Ali has 2 locations, and always has a long wait list. We waited over a year to get into this daycare, and very sadly we are moving out of the bay area, else I would keep my daughter under Ali's care till she goes to kindergarten. I highly recommend Angel Christian Day care to all parents who want the best for their child.

    thumb Lisa C.