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I was a bit conflicted about my decision to take my daughter to a new day care because she was already used to everyone at her first day care and had completely adapted. I didn't want to put her through another adjustment period but then again I had to. Thankfully, the adjustment period did not take long and in just a short time any reservations I had about making the right decision disappeared.

Ali's day care was just the right place for my daughter at that particular age and time. I immediately felt that my daughter was happy and comfortable going to Ali's day care. Here's a few reasons why I liked her.

1. Provides a daily report (nap, meals, diapers)
2. Sends weekly pictures
3. Home cooked meals
4. Very clean environment, including the bed and blankets (I have no idea how she keeps the place clean even at the end of the day. Her white carpet is still white)
5. My daughter and the other kids were always kept clean from their hair to their faces and to their clothes.
6. When a child is sick, she pays extra attention to the child even if it means, she will need to hold and cuddle them in her arms that day.
7. She has demonstrated genuine care & concern towards my daughter
8. She's a Christian

There's also little things like putting on warmer socks for my daughter and giving me a steamed pear to take home that's suppose to soothe her cold.

If you're looking for a daycare in her area and she has space, look no further. Your kids will feel right at home.

- Bella a.

Santa Clara, CA

We've had our two girls with Angel Daycare since moving to the SF Bay area about 1.5 years ago. Alia has a great program and home set-up. Her home is clean, safe and specially set-up as a daycare facility. She has flexible hours compared to other daycare facilities and you can really tell she enjoys taking care of little ones.

The true test is how our girls react after spending time at Angel Daycare: they love it! They ask for the providers by name, always enjoy staying, and even talk about their time at daycare when they are home with us. Alia is so great with the kids that it's common for us to invite her and her husband to birthday parties too!

One last thing: knowing all this, it's very comforting to know we can leave our little ones with such a great daycare and know they are well taken care of the entire day while we're off making the $for the fam.

- Al C.

Santa Clara, CA

I placed both of my girls in this daycare when we moved to Santa Clara and they love it! They've never cried when we drop them off and are happy to return to see their friends and daycare providers the next day. Although my oldest has started pre-K preschool this Fall, she often requests to come in and say hi to all of her old friends and the providers when we pick up her little sister.

Alia and her staff are all very loving towards each child. They email the parents weekly photos of our children which is such a nice surprise since we're too busy and lazy to take photos ourselves. Any special requests I've made (i.e. special diets, when to wean from the binky/bottles, and timing for potty training) have all been welcome and successfully executed.

I would highly recommend this place if you're not too rigid but would like a loving caring environment where they do have a basic schedule and are consistent with early learning development. They do adjust according to your child's needs but don't expect them to cater to your child at the expense of the others.

Thanks Alia for taking such great care of my girls!

- Catherine C.

Santa Clara, CA

This is the happiest place on earth
The children are happy and the caretakers are extremely loving
It is literally like a big family at Angel Daycare
Alia goes to all the birthday parties and she truly cares for the each child's well being. They give all the kids the right attention needed regardless of age. And she's extremely flexible and understanding.
Our child was not a bottle drinker but they were extremely patient and she immediately notice any bumps and scrapes before we even would.
We never had any issues with diaper rashes, they change diapers quite frequently. And he seemed to love eating there.
They have a nice playing area in the back where my son loved playing with water. I would get daily reports of how he did especially since my husband did most of the pick up towards the end.
And the best is when we got a our weekly pictures where we got a snapshot of how happy the kids were and were able to send them to grandma (we've been so busy that these daycare pictures are the only ones we have of our son at such a wonderful age!)

He seemed to learn a lot where the environment had good routine and wasn't strict and pushy on discipline or curriculum - just a happy place to play and be a kid.

We've moved and had to put our son in a new daycare
It is definitely not the same loving, nurturing and family-like environment. I didn't cry when we first started him there, but I sure did when we had to move

- Katy L.

San Jose, CA

I am so grateful for Ali and Na-na at Angel Daycare. My daughter started at 16 months old and loved it right away. There was no separation anxiety on her part, only mine! I can't say enough what I love. She was able to establish a routine within a week, what my husband and I failed to do. This was my daughter's second daycare and I could see the difference, she didn't seem anxious and was comfortable right away.

I love that Ali says prayers before meals, and that my daughter loved going to her each and every morning with open arms. I especially loved that my daughter is fed veggies, protein, rice, meats, and fruits. Other daycare I almost sent her to only fed the kids a different pasta each day with no real nutritional value. She sends a DAILY progress report on my daughter so I know what she did during the day.

Ali always shows genuine concern for my daughter's well being. She would text me if there were any concerns and I look forward to the weekly pictures she sends. It's a lot of work to take pictures and mail them to parents. I cried so much when I found out we'd be re-locating to Texas and have to leave Ali's daycare. I can only pray that I find another place like this after our move. If there is an opening I strongly suggest taking that spot, I guarantee a happy and safe place to grow up.

- Lili L.

San Jose, CA

Alie loves children. The helpers are great too.
Our boy has been there for over a year now. He is enjoying going there every day.

Some information,
They have about 10 kids ranging from 6m to 4y. Usually there is a waiting list.
It is a mix of different races.
Nap time about 2 hours. Provide lunch and snacks.
Open pretty early (7/8am?) to 6pm.
You provide diaper and wipers.
Kids have outside play time as well as singing, circle time.
No TV. No pets.

- Mike X.

San Mateo, CA

Alia's daycare has been a godsend for us. Our little one was 5 months old when my mat leave was up so she joined Alia's group at a very young age. From the day we met Alia, she's been so attentive to my daughter and everyday you can just see the love and adoration in her eyes. Every morning when we ask our now-toddler whether she wants to see Alia...she squeals " Ellie!!!!!!" and her eyes completely brighten up. So we can absolutely tell the love goes both ways.

I love the fact that my daughter has a routine during the day and with Alia's schedule for the kids, its really easy for me to follow on the weekends. She gives me a very thorough report of her daily activities and gives this first-time mom really helpful advice! Alia is also technology savvy...weekly emails with photos to all the parents and even imsging me photos during the day so I'm reassured my baby is ok. An additional plus is that my daughter is getting an early education in Mandarin AND on top of that I get to practice my broken Mandarin on a daily basis with Alia and my daughter!

I absolutely don't know what I would have done without Alia. My commute to the office is 1-2 hours one way so I'm even more grateful that I have someone I can trust to take care of my precious baby. Thank you Alia!

- R C.

San Jose, CA

My daughter has been going there for a little over a year now and I could not be happier! We took her out of a larger school setting that also taught Chinese because we felt she didn't get enough individual attention/care. Here at Ali's, I feel like she gets to learn and grow mentally/physically but she is loved and cared for as if she was with her own family. The caregivers really love the kids and care for them. All the kids are so well behaved. They sing, play games, read, draw, do arts and crafts, write, do outdoor activities, learn Chinese and English, and get to be kids. When I pick up my daughter she is always happily playing with her friends. They eat nutritional lunches, but also get breakfast, milk, and afternoon snacks. They learn politeness and manners. Kids always look clean and happy. The facilities are also kept very clean. I'm a neat freak when it comes to my daughter so I've been very happy.

I would put my second child here in a heart beat as all the other parents do.

Ali speaks English and I've not had any communication issues with her or the other folks there. Ali's husband is also very kind.
They are flexible and are understanding when you're a little late (unfortunately life has unexpected delays you cannot foresee sometimes).

Anyways, thank you so much Ali and her team for providing a safe home where parents can rest easy while they work and kids can be happy kids. I am happy everyday knowing my child is in great hands!! I could go on and on about how much I love this place!

- Kelly J.

Santa Clara, CA


I'm so thankful for Angel Day Care. My son has been there for almost 2 years now and there is no doubt that he is well cared for by Ali and her helpers each day.

I love the routine she establishes for the kids - snack time, circle time, nap time, lunch time and play time. She gives us a detailed daily report of how our son is doing, including how long his nap was, how many times his diapers were changed etc.

Ali is great about paying attention to little details. My son had a fall over the weekend about a year or so ago with some thorns stuck in the palm of his hand that I didn't notice, but Ali noticed it right away when I dropped him off and had me take him to see a doctor to remove them.

Although there are about 10 children or so during the day, I never felt once that my son was neglected or not cared for adequately. Angel day care is definitely a huge improvement from our previous day care especially since there is no tv in the house for the kids!

If you are looking for a warm and loving daycare for your child, look no further. This is definitely one of the best day care you can find in the area!

- Emily H.

Santa Clara, CA

This is the happiest place with love, joyful, fun playing and learning for both kids and parents. I sent both of my two boys to Ali's daycare, the little one went to there from 4-month old and now he is 2 years, my elder one was from 1 year to close 4 years old. I need to commute more than 1 hour one way, but my wife and I still love to send kids to Ali the safest and happiest place as kids' playing heaven. The followings are the summary for our experience to send kids in Ali's daycare, we share it and like to see more kids benefited from Ali's love and nice caring as us. Also we like to say big thanks to Ali for her and her team Mary, Coco, Jacky...'s strong love to our kids and her help to us on growing from our parenting too.

1. Nutrition food: Ali provided nutrition food for kids with combination and diverse fresh meat, vegetable, and fruit. My two kids love Ali's cooking food more than our home made, they always enjoyed and ate a lot in Ali's home, we got the chance to learn from Ali on kids delicious food cooking.

2. Chinese and English speaking: Ali taught and communicated with kids on both English and Chinese; my kids often sang new song from English and Chinese version with well performance to surprise us on their talents show.

3. Take care kids very details: Ali took care kids very well to update parents timely on any unusual action or sign. Like she sent me the photo for my kid's red kin around lips after the lunch taking, so that I realized my kid may be a little sensitive to seafood which I never realized and paid attention before, so many times Ali called me or messaged me "when Jeff and Jason come? How's Jeff's cold recovery? Jeff looks very sleepy today, did he get good sleep? Jason scratched skin so often, check with her pediatrician?" .....very warm caring and nice reminder for us on what action we may think to well take care and train kids, and when we should check with doctor on unusual things...we really appreciated to her detailed check to our kids with her helpful suggestions and reminders to us.

4. Keep clean to help kids away virus, good habit for kids: Ali helped kids to set up good habit like washing hands and doing clean up frequently and timely so that my kids seldom got sick and far away from flue and other virus. My kids always can remember to wash their hands before touching food and while the hands got dirty, they also reminded me to assist them to wash hands before he accepts food. So often my kids' shirts were dirty after food taking at home, but I never see my kids shirt dirty while they returned from daycare. We saw our kids played hard, got fun, ate well, kept clean, had lots laughing and happy time which surprised us so often that we can see Ali love kids and took care them as or even much better than us as parents.

5. Fun on parties: Ali organized birthday party for every kid on their birthday, also invited parents and kids' family to join for celebration with other kids together for the birthday one. We sang song and cheered kids growing up, we enjoyed our kids birthday party and also other kids' party time. Also Ali arranged special celebration for parents on mom and father day, we often got surprised gift from kids hand making for colorful art! It is so touching as parents, we love them very much, really enjoyed to see kids growing milestone which Ali prepared and designed for us elaborately.

6. For diaper changing, Ali and her team is very skillful to help kids. Yes, we also never see kids' diaper rash after we sent kids to Ali's daycare. Kids don't like to follow parents at diaper change time while they are near 1 year old, Ali taught us how to quickly and skillfully change diaper for kids, so that kids still can follow and relax to overcome the 1 year around difficult diaper change time.

7. Daily report for kids food taking, nap time, circle time, pee/poo with helpful suggestions: we get daily report for kids' doing in daycare, also Ali reminded on kids habit change with good suggestions, like my little one don't like milk feeding after he returned from my hometown at 5 months age, Ali need to hold one toy on one hand to entertain him and meanwhile feed him with another hand, just one day Ali quickly figured out that left side for bottle holding is Jason's favorite style. We followed Ali's suggestion to feed him at home, the feeding struggle was gone. Jason also enjoyed the feeding time then.

Ali is flexible, considerate, supportive, understanding, details oriented with love and patient to every kid, we never feel ignored on any moment to our two kids during these years, she looks at every one as angel to love them. Ali's husband Jack is also my kids' good friend, my son always called Jack loudly and ran to hug Jack whenever he saw Jack returned from home or he met him in the early morning. Jack always smiled, played and gave warm hug and encouraging words to kids. Our family love Ali and her daycare very very much. Thanks!

- Pu C.

Santa Clara, CA



- Victoria Z.

San Jose, CA

I have to rate Angel daycare 5 stars because of their facility, programs and caring they provide to the kids.

Ali and the other teachers are super nice and caring, my daughter is very shy, and have separation anxiety when she goes to a new place. Ali can quickly adapt to her likes and makes my daughter feel like home. That is something I'm still amazed.

I recommend Angel daycare A+++++.

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